Internal DNS problem between 2 Peplinks

Goodday to all,
I need some Advise

I have 2 Balance 30 LTE on my pushvessels
1 for Wifi for the employees and 1 for Business Hardware

On one of my vessels our Nas is connected to the Wifi Peplink ( Because of Space problems)

Now i want to connect the Nas to the Business hardware
So i can store data on it

here is the problem.

  • I can ping it on IP not on name
  • I can trace it on IP not on name

I can connect the data to the hardware by IP
But i want to connect the Nas By name

Business DNS =
Wifi DNS =

For security reason we like to have Business and Wifi Seperated

Thank you in advance

on the business network add a DNS entry on the Balance with the name you want to use for the NAS and its IP address.

Where can i do this?
in this topic they are talking about Netwerk → inboud Access → Dns Record

Only i have the option Port Forwarding

You need to add a local DNS record in Network > LAN | Network Settings

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