How to Migrate Your FusionHub Licence to a New VM

The objective of this article is to walk you through the process of migrating your FusionHub license from one VM to another.

1) Obtain Your License Key

Open the WebUI of your existing FusionHub, and navigate to System > License.

Please record your license key.

2) Shutdown Existing FusionHub

Please shutdown your existing FusionHub.

3) Release Your License on InControl 2

Once you have recorded the information, login to InControl 2 and navigate to your organization name > Organization Settings > Warranty & License.

Once there, click the red “release” button for the license key you recorded from step 1.

4) Apply the License Key to Your New FusionHub

Start your new FusionHub and run the Setup Wizard. When the Wizard requests your license key, simply enter the one that you have just released.

Congratulations, you have just migrated your license key to a new FusionHub.


How does one re-install a snapshot of a fusionhub instance? Even with the license having been released, when the snapshot is reinstalled on a new instance (with a new IP address) it seems not to allow one to re-enter the license code. The webadmin interface simply complains that “Virtual machine server changed.” (This is on the platform.)

Seems like you take a snapshot and create a new VM instance by restoring the snapshot. This is not supported. You need to install a new FusionHub and upload the old config.


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This may be as a particular bother: It seems that the only raw format FH image is v. 6.2.2. Thus a restore from scratch requires a reinstall of a blank 6.2.2., then an upgrade to the current version (soon 8.0.0) and then a restore of the configuration backup. A bit tedious when done in bulk. And tedious even when done based on a current distribution image (fully current w.r.t. the version).

Is it worth moving this to a feature request (“Enable the reinstall from a virtual machine snapshot when the instance or the IP address of the machine has changed”)?

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Can I confirm the FusionHub Binary package below can’t be used?

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The short answer: Yes, confirmed as not usable with…

My understanding is that requires a snapshot (raw) or an ISO. The only snapshot pre-license-entry fusionhub image I am aware of is the 6.2.2 version posted by Kenny. The current fusionhub distributions referenced above are neither.

Here you go for the raw file for 7.1.1.


Thanks - that was very helpful (and successful on :slight_smile:)

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Is it worth moving this to a feature request (“Enable the reinstall from a virtual machine snapshot when the instance or the IP address of the machine has changed”)?

I’d like to request this as a feature. Not terribly urgent since it’s only an hour or so to reinstall from scratch and restore the configuration (I might need to do this twice per year as my location changes). It would be handy to be able to use the snapshot feature to quickly restore a fusionhub to another node or another location without having to reinstall from scratch each time. It would be nice if you could simply deactivate from incontrol and then reactivate on the new instance after the snapshot has been restored. As long as incontrol only allowed one to be activated at a time, I don’t see how there would be a downside in terms of license security?


Hello team, will this migration still work even if the subscription of the FHB is already expired? thanks

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@rocknolds, it should work.


That link doesn’t seem to work. I’d like to try out FusionHub on and it’d require an ISO. The download in InControl2 is for a VMware deployment package.

Hello @amaranth,
Have you seen this post

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I too am having this issue at Why can’t we simply change this key in the web admin interface!

I rebooted my VM on Digital Ocean (by pressing power off, then power on) and now am getting the error “Virtual machine server changed.” “License type: invalid” Screenshot below

Do I have to re-install from scratch?!

@mystery, can I confirm you are migrating the FusionHub from somewhere to the Digital Ocean? If so, please follow the suggestion below.

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No, I spun up a completely new instance (droplet) yesterday. Successfully setup speedfusion. Then simply rebooted the instance (droplet). After reboot I got that error. I am still getting the error even after trying to reboot again. I did not migrate. Its a brand new license. Support ticket # 20060243

@mystery, this error message is related to the hardware ID changed at the hypervisor side. Do you mind to provide the URL and login credential of the FusionHub for me to take a closer look? If so, please PM the details.


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