How to Migrate Your FusionHub Licence to a New VM


The objective of this article is to walk you through the process of migrating your FusionHub license from one VM to another.

1) Obtain Your License Key

Open the WebUI of your existing FusionHub, and navigate to System > License.

Please record your license key.

2) Shutdown Existing FusionHub

Please shutdown your existing FusionHub.

3) Release Your License on InControl 2

Once you have recorded the information, login to InControl 2 and navigate to your organization name > Organization Settings > Warranty & License.

Once there, click the red “release” button for the license key you recorded from step 1.

4) Apply the License Key to Your New FusionHub

Start your new FusionHub and run the Setup Wizard. When the Wizard requests your license key, simply enter the one that you have just released.

Congratulations, you have just migrated your license key to a new FusionHub.

FusionHub license generation