How to enter a max br1 mini router from a remote access


how to enter a max br1 mini router from a remote access (the max br1 uses a sim card) and I want to enter it from my pc without this connected to the same br1 network but from outside (another different network) and be able to change its SSID for example, thank you


Hello josue,

You can do this by navigating to Advanced > Remote User Access and enable
Remote User Access. I would recommend using L2TP w/ IPsec but we do also support PPTP if this is the only connection type you can use. You will need a public IP address to connect to to take advantage of this method.

If you have the device setup in IC2 you can also use this to manage the wireless SSID settings. You can set this up from the Group Level. Hover over Wi-Fi AP and click on Group-wide SSID Settings. Make sure Wi-Fi Management is enabled and click on Add New SSID. Change the configuration as needed and click the Save Changes button. The SSID will be pushed down to any devices that you have selected that in the SSID Availability > Device Selection area.

Remote admin web for router max

Please consider InControl2 Remote WebAccess as well:


thanks for answering, but I need to configure the router parameters remotely, the router / moden uses a sim card so the public ip is dynamic so I’m thinking of using but I need to know what I configure to enter from another network and be able to change the name of the wifi and its password for example


because since incotrol2, if I enable the option of incotrol in system if I can change the name of the network but it does not let me upload a captive holder that I can do? I upload the portal from linkyfi to ap but when I enable the option of incontrol it does not let me change anything in wifi ap I hope I have explained myself well and thanks for your answers


IC2 will allow you to remotely log into each device using Remote Web Admin.


This will allow you to have access to each device and you will not have to setup DDNS for each device.

As for configuring Captive Portal from IC2, a guide can be found here. Please remember to add the captive portal the the VLAN only if a Peplink\Pepwave router is being used. If you are using only a Peplink Access Point you will want to add the portal to the SSID.


could you explain step by step with entering the router remotely and enter Device Web Admin Management and activate the option I am a novice in this type of router with Captive Portal thanks for your answers


What occupied was entering the router remotely? I saw in Device Web Admin Management that brings the http web option with port 80 as I enter? Thank you for your help


Hello josue,

You can just enter the IP address of the router in your browser, you won’t need to clarify the port unless you change it from 80 or 443. For questions regarding the setup of your router, you may want to reach out to your point of sale for assistance.


but how? login in router with put on ip public in the browser? Well no more and it already enters the router? because the private one only if I am connected to the same network or by lan and I need to enter from another network,thanks


If you are on the LAN you will need to use the local IP address, from the LAN.
If you are not on the LAN you will need to use the WAN’s IP address to access the device.


Exactly, the router is a max br1 mini and uses a sim card the ip public varies every time it is turned on, I can see the ip it has at the moment in the incontrol2 having that public ip that I do? the remote system is already enabled in the router and in the system part of the HTTP and SSH are already hablitado, if I put only the ip in the browser nothing happens when I put the: 80 for example that the ports are closed, thanks for you help


If the IP address that’s showing up on the WAN Interface on the BR1 isn’t a public IP address, you won’t be able to access the device via the public IP address. Cellular providers usually end up using a single public IP address and break up that using a private IP address scheme. If you have a public IP address from the cellular provider, you usually have to pay extra for these IP addresses.


Well I understand but there is no option to access the router remotely as well? or using some incontrol2 function in incontrol2 from the group SSID option I can change the name of the router’s wifi but if I do so the captive portal does not work so I would like to directly enter the router remotely and thus not lose the configuration of the captive portal, the incontrol brings to web access option but I think I need another device for this option, in short I need to enter the router remotely and change the name the SSID of wifi AP, I hope to have explained myself and thanks for your help