How does FusionHub work?


Hi all, i want to know how Peplink’s FusionHub service work. I am interested in line bonding(no FTTC or FTTH available here). From what i understand, I have to have a speedfusion capable router at home and the fusionhub software installed in an AWS or similar service. Is this correct? Is the service available to private users or is it just for business users?
Thanks in advance.


Hello Giacomo_Pettenuzzo,

All of our devices come with PepVPN, but you’ll need a device that supports SpeedFusion to bond WANs together. The 210 and up come with SpeedFusion support out of the box. You can setup SpeedFusion between any of our devices or by setting up a FusionHub using AWS, GCE, or Azure.

Anyone is able to take advantage of FusionHub. You may even want to look at FusionHub Solo if this deployment will be just the one Peplink device. With FusionHub Solo you are granted one free SpeedFusion peer. I believe that a guide on obtaining a FusionHub Solo license is being put together, but if you have any questions before the guide is released please let me know and I can provide the steps.