How do I find the previous owner

How do I find out who the previous onwer of a peplink device if the customer has no idea?

Are you discovering Peplink products have a very risky resale value. At least they can’t be included in your InControl account. I’m there too!

Peplink knows who had previously attached your device to InControl. Peplink link should send a request to release to the current account holder.

Hey, does this mean the previous owner of my device and access and control my device? Shit, it does. Great. Thanks Peplink.


Log a ticket with support. Assume the customer wants to add it to InControl and can’t?

If the device has already been added to someone else’s InControl organisation, you can log a support ticket here and include a picture of the sticker with the serial number on the back of the router and a proof of purchase.

The Peplink support team will assist in getting it released from InControl once you have proven ownership and they have confirmed with the current registered owner that it can be released from their account.

Goes both ways. It means that if someone steals a device from me and tries to use it I can access and control it and shut it down remotely.

I had a transit duo stolen from me a couple of years ago and I enabled captive portal on that in IC2 with a splash page that informs anyone that uses it that there is a reward for its safe return and blocks internet access.

If you have been sold a device and still need to use it whilst you sort out InControl membership then you can disable InControl management on it from the device which will stop anyone but you from getting access to it.

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I have just seen this post. Which says that sending in a photo of the device / proof of purchase is no longer accepted.

I suspect one challenge will be that Peplink would have to judge who is telling the truth when there is ownership disputes. Not sure what the best way forward would be. What does apple do with resold iCloud registered devices?

Hello everyone,

Currently, if you want to release the device from the account it is currently in, you must open a case in peplink support and send a photo of the silver label that is at the bottom of the device where the device data and the diagnostic report are the device with the updated system date.

Apple also requires you to contact the original owner. If you purchased it directly from the original owner then this is not an issue and is the easiest method.

Reference here: How to remove Activation Lock - Apple Support

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Hi rbuckthal,

Remember that you can go to the option System> Incontrol> controller = Disable and thus prevent your device from being managed / monitored from InControl2.

Of course. But a relatively easy fix on Peplink’s side:

  1. New owner submits a request through his Peplink Partner.
  2. Peplink notifies the party on whose account the device is presently registered:
    “Peplink has received a request to transfer xxxx-xxxx-xxxx to another user. Approve or deny:
    [ ] Approved. We have disposed of this device.
    [ ] Denied. This is our device.
    Please respond within seven (7) days. At the end of this period Peplink will approve this request.”

Poof – all needs are met.

Well looks like no easy answers here and I do understand both sides of the argument. However the customer is the one stuck in the middle…

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Exactly. And, as a Peplink Partner my #1 objective it to take care of the customer.

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