HD4 with multiple Speedfusion, Possible?

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I am currently looking for a way to have 2 Speedfusion tunnels using going to 2 different FusionHub at the same time on an HD4. This is because I would like to, for example, use Netflix US and UK at the same time.

I understand the networking side of it, creating two profiles with 2 cellular modules each. Then use two different VLANs as different interfaces on the firewall. But, would I require a license as the HD4 would be getting 2 peers?

Also, I would like to know about purchasing these licenses. Are they one time licenses or do you have to pay every so often?

A question away from this subject:

I am currently running Speedfusion and on the outbound policies I have weighted balance on the cellular modems. If I take this outbound policy out, I loose all traffic going to the local network from the HD4. Surely if you are running Speedfusion you shouldn’t run weighted balance correct? If so, what would be the appropriate configuration?

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Dear @Jcol7884,

you can create two PepVPN (IPSec or SpeedFusion) peers without additional license on MAX HD4.
If needed more (up to 20 peers), then you should buy an upgrade for one time fee:

Regarding your outbound policy configuration on HD4. You should choose between “Enforced” or “Priority” algorithm. You may look at that topic and a great video there.

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Hey Ricardas,
Thank you for your reply. Very helpful.

How about if I want to run multiple FusionHubs? My aim is to have 3-4 FusionHubs around the world so I can create a Speedfusion for region purposes.

Would this be the following license? https://eurstore.peplink.com/cloud-solutions/data-center-vm/fusionhub-essential-1001.html

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Is that because the HD4 moves or just because you want to access regional content? I ask because if you can get away with not buying the additional 20 peer license for your HD4 (MAX-HD-020-SPF) then that would be good.

If the HD4 is moving you could use IC2 to add and remove tags based on GEO location, then use those tags to build VPN tunnels to the right Fusionub.

No, thats a Fusionhub license. You can use as many free FusionHub Solo licenses you want regionally, you might just need to add the capability to the HD4 for it to connect to more than two Fusionhubs at a time.

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Hey Martin,

That’s exactly why. It has been requested to have French, US and UK regional content at the same time. So my aim is to open 3 VULTR on these regions, all going to the Pepwave HD4. From the HD4 I would distribute the Virtual interfaces to the respective APPTV.

May you explain what is the difference of the paid FusionHub License and the Solo? I know the Solo has 1 peer and 100mbps of max throughput.


the throughput limit doesn’t exist anymore

If you want to connect more than one peer to a FH, then you need a paid license.


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Not sure about Netflix but this doesn’t work for BBC services. They have flagged all the IP ranges of most hosting providers to combat inter regional VPN tunneling.

As Dennis says the Solo license just limits connectivity to one remote peer. So fine if you have a single HD4, and honestly at Vultr VM prices if you want to support lots of HD4s you might as well host multiple SOLO fusionhubs dedicated to each HD4.

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