MaxBR1 to Fusion Hub to Internet

I have a Fusion Hub running in AWS with a speed fusion VPN to a Max BR1. I’d like wifi clients connected to the BR1 to go over the VPN to Fusion hub to access the internet through AWS.

Currently my VPN is up but internet traffic is not using the tunnel. How can I announce a default route from the Fusion Hub over the VPN to the BR1 to draw all traffic through the tunnel?

One way to route all your traffic from WiFi clients is to employ an outbound policy on the BR1 that sends all the outbound traffic through the VPN tunnel.

You can use an “enforced” rule (making it absolute) or a “priority” rule (where you get a fallback to alternative routes if the tunnel is down).



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Another way is to configure the “send all traffic” option:

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I made a video showing how to setup a BR1 and FUsionhub. Look at 24:20 which is about where I set up outbound policies.


Thanks! It worked with the outbound policy.