Throughput Limit Removed from FusionHub

Throughput Limit Removed from FusionHub

In response to our partners’ fast-growing and rapidly-scaling SpeedFusion networks, Peplink is removing the throughput speed limitations on FusionHub licenses with immediate effect. This applies to ALL FusionHub licenses, from FusionHub Solo to FusionHub 4000, including all current and future licenses.

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FAQ 1 - How can I update my FusionHub to remove the throughput limit?

Scenario 1 : if your FusionHub is online -

  • No action is required. The system has automatically removed the throughput limits.

Scenario 2 : if your FusionHub is offline -

  • Enable FusionHub online to communicate with our public InControl to remove any throughput restrictions.

Scenario 3 : if your FusionHub is managed via Private ICVA -

  • Open UDP port 5246 and allow your ICVA to communicate with our public InControl.
  • ICVA and related FusionHub licenses will be updated automatically.

FAQ 2 - Why is there still a limit on maximum throughput?

There are no longer any software throughput restrictions within FusionHub. But the actual throughput can be physically limited by the hardware and network it is hosted on.


Bravo Peplink, That’s very nice indeed!


Very nice indeed!

We recently started using the FusionHub Solo license, and already noticed those didn’t have any bandwith limits anymore. Got 1.5-2Gbps between two FusionHubs running on two VM Host machines in the same network (Hyper-V 2019).

So now the only difference between the different FusionHub licenses is the amount of supported PepVPN tunnels?

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@padaco, that is correct. If more PepVPN peers are needed then you would need to upgrade. Thanks


Wonderful news!!!