Firmware Release for SpeedFusion Cloud (Updated on Jul 14, 2020)

Here are the download links for the special SpeedFusion Cloud enabled Firmware.

Latest Firmware: 8.1.0
Release Date: Aug 10, 2020

Firmware & Release Notes Download


Can this firmware be applied to my Surf SOHO, Product Code: SUS-SOHO-T?

@delled, welcome to the Forum!

Yes, you would want the SOHO MK3 firmware. Thanks


Liked very much the idea, but in our company we do have:

1x B380 HW1
1x B210 HW1
3x Surf Soho HW1

Do you plan to offer a solution also for those devices?


Unfortunately those devices are so old that they cannot be upgraded to the latest firmware.

If something changes we will be sure and let you know.



Which firmware version would I use for the Max BR1 LTE?

@elked, if the unit is MAX BR1 HW2-3, then you can use the MAX BR1 firmware link shown above.

The HW1 is old and cannot be upgraded to this firmware, as explained by @Tim_S.


Hello @eglass,

These images show the intrusion protection options visable within a:

  • Peplink Balance ONE with FW 8.0.2s086 build 4453

  • Pepwave MAX Transit with FW 8.0.2s086 build 4453

Both of the units shown are updated from InControl2.

Note that each of these has the s086 release which was an earlier release while you mention s089 which is the later release. What model(s) & version(s) of hardware are you using & did you update via InControl2 or manually?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I see it now, it was at the bottom of the page on 8.0.0 I see the new item below it now.
Last night at midnight (my time) I guess my eyes were to tired to notice that.


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Hello Peplink Team,
We rolled out 8.0.2s089 to two organisations have since rolled them back to 8.0.2s086 & 8.0.2S052 due to those devices in both organisations primarily struggling with InControl2 remote web admin. The devices were getting stuck on
image & image

Was the NTP feature from @TK_Liew (Having unit be an NTP time server would be helpful - #44 by sitloongs) included in this particular release? We have rolled one organisation back to that version as we are still planning on using the NTP feature.

Also please add the PDX onto the list for the firmware (and the Downloads page). I know what to use though it may help others not so familiar with the product yet.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


NTP server still not the official feature so it’s not included in the in 8.0.2s089.

Do you have ticket open for this ?

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Hello @sitloongs,
Thanks for the clarification on the NTP. We will follow up on this other thread.

We have another organisation on the 8.0.2s089 release that is still working OK. We will roll forward the firmware again in a couple of days and observe again. It may be an issue here in Australia due to the loads the networks have been experiencing. We will write back and let you know, and if the problem presents itself again, we will raise a support ticket with all the diagnostic files.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

which Firmware for BR1 M2M ?

Firmware versions appropriate for each of the devices (and their respective hardware versions) are available at

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Any Help here?

Hi… @zegor_mjol gave you a very good answer in the preceding message.

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@Rick-DC thank you for your reply but am looking for Fusion Cloud FW ( 8.0.2s089 ) what @zegor_mjol advice is the regular FW

and what mention here from @Lai doesn’t have BR1 M2M FW

Hi Diaalwa,

The firmware is the same for most (not all) BR1 models, try this firmware.


Thank you all for the support

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