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The Customer FAQ Directory serves as an information hub for Peplink Customers. It is to give you the key information you need on tools, resources, policies, and product knowledge.

This directory comprises links to relevant forum posts and customer resources to save you the time you normally spend searching for the information and updates you need.

Customer Portal & Product Registration

View previous orders, manage current devices, as well as register new Peplink products to keep the warranty updated

How to download invoices from Peplink (End-user)

Peplink e-store

Peplink ID

What’s new about Peplink

SpeedFusion Services

Peplink Products

Comparison table of Peplink products and CarePlans


Customer Resources
Download any of the brochures and whitepapers to learn more about their respective industires or topics, or use them for marketing purposes. - Learn more here

Case studies - Learn more here

Customer Cases - Learn more here

Peplink Partners
Need help or assistance from our local partners? Find them now at - Peplink Certified Partners

Looking for signing up as a Peplink Certified Partner? - Sign up now!

Technical Training and Support

Look through the different walkthrough videos and learn how to setup and use our software solutions and SpeedFusion technologies - Software Primer

FusionHub Virtual Appliance

InControl 2 FAQ and Support

Knowledge Base

Product-Related Essentials