Cellular Firmware Upgrade Process


To upgrade the firmware on the cellular module you will need to navigate to the support.cgi page. This can be done by making a change to the address in the address bar. If you are accessing your device via IC2 from the Remote Web Admin feature, you’ll see something like this:

The change will be at the very end, the index.cgi, this will need to be changed to support.cgi. It should look like this:

If you are logging into the device locally you’ll see:
The same change can be made here for the index.cgi to support.cgi, like this:

This page has several advanced features. If you are unfamiliar with these features you may want to leave them be. You’ll need to find the Cellular Module Firmware Update bullet point.


Click on the Check for update button to check for the cellular module firmware update. Depending on the number of cellular modules that the device has will affect what you see after click on the button. Here is example output from our HD4 with four cellular connections.

This shows the Current Firmware that’s been detected on the module and it’s also letting us know what the Latest Firmware is. If these two do not match click on the radio button for the cellular module and click on the Update button. If the firmware needs be upgraded on all modules use Update All. If only cellular connections are being used this will cause you to lose your internet connection. You may want to upgrade them one by one.

If you see the following message a connection to the internet may not be available or the device cannot pass the initial connectivity test. Please check all of your connections and try again.

If you receive a message that says Please Try Again Later, make sure that you are running 7.1.1 or a later version of firmware. If you are still seeing this message or still having issues with the cellular connection please reach out to the support team here.