Cell fails to reconnect, reboot brings it back

We have two sims with different carrier on a Max Transit. We have had the occasion several times where the cell connection says it can’t connect, fails over and I see in the log, failing back and forth every 5 minutes trying to connect.

However, if I reboot, the cell connection comes back.
To troubleshoot, I’ve also disabled the cellular connection via the GUI and brought it back, no affect.
I’ve tried changing the primary vs. secondary. I’ve seen the GUI report “Resetting”, but only a reboot had the effect of getting the connection back.

any suggestions or recommendations? I’ve seen a comment from someone else about having a problem like this with verizon, but we’re with two different carrier, so I wouldn’t expect both to fail in the same way.

Hi enjoy,

I think it is something we should look at a little more closely, please open a ticket to check your device, do not forget to send the diagnostic report and enable remote assistance.

Out of curiosity, is the unit in a hot environment?

It had been in air conditioning while this was going on but the unit feels very hot. It is not in an air conditioned environment right now.

Don and Nina Preuss, Lagoon 421, Catamaran Enjoy

Mine is on a boat and on hotter days the cellular struggles. I dont keep it in an air conditioned compartment though. Can you use temp gun and tell us the surface temp of the device or temp it says in the dashboard?

Will check. This is on a boat as well, but we were in a buggy marina, so we had ac switched on. We’re unserwy now, so I’ll get the temp gun out soon.

Don and Nina Preuss, Lagoon 421, Catamaran Enjoy

Highest temp on the box is 106, near the power connection. That doesn’t seem too bad.

Don and Nina Preuss, Lagoon 421, Catamaran Enjoy