CAT-18 LTE: Best Signal, Blazing Fast, Available Now!

Want the best reception and fastest cellular we have? Want it now? Then CAT 18 routers are just the thing you need.

They are equipped with up to 4x4 MIMO and support a wider range of frequencies, ensuring the best signal reception.

If you need speed, our X-Series (MBX, EPX, SDX) supports up to 1.2Gbps download and 150Mbps upload per radio. With carrier aggregation, they can combine up to 5x frequencies for blazing fast downloads.

*US carrier: support T-Mobile and AT&T; Verizon pending (expected in Q1 2020).

See Webpage

  • Transit | MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T
  • HD1 Dome | MAX-HD1-DOM-M-GLTE-G
  • EPX with FlexModule | EXM-2GLTE-G
  • SDX with FlexModule | EXM-2GLTE-G
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When will it be available? Can only find HD2 dome. Interested in MAX-HD1-DOM-M-GLTE-G


Base on the announcement, all the listed models should be available now.

Please send your request via the available contact methods below and you will be contacted shortly after the request being sent.

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Is the Max HD2 available with a Cat 12 modem?
What is the retail price?

Hi @fdmarine have you taken a look at the Transit Duo good option for CAT12 maritime applications feel free to contact me directly for pricing and recommended usage.

Thanks Justin, I am actually looking at a HD2 with a cat 12 if that’s possible.


It is possible MAX-HD2-LTEA-WK CAT 12 global but unsure of availability the Transit Duo is a better option and almost identical and better value.

Ok, thanks


Hello @fdmarine,
There is a new Pepwave MBX HD2 with Cat-12 & Cat-18 chipsets available though your Certified Peplink Partner (as found on Peplink’s website). As mentioned by @sitloongs, please reach out to them directly for more details and pricing.

Your local Certified Peplink Partner can help you with specifications and availability on the model. It is very similar to the Pepwave MBX HD4.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your input.

I did receive confirmation from my Peplink dealer, I believe it is the MAX-HD2-LTEA-WF-T

This model is apparently using 4 LTE antennas instead of 2 and I read somewhere about the connectors being very close to each other which makes connecting external Poynting antennas for instance quite difficult.

Do you confirm?






Hello @fdmarine,
If you are using the new Cat-18 chipsets on the X Series range (especially the MBX), then you can expect to have QMA connectors on your equipment instead of SMA connectors. You will also have four (4) antenna connections per modem.

Peplink partners can read this previous post within the partner area of the forum

An extract for those without access:

With the choice of model, there is some regional dependency on these chipsets still (less so with the Cat-18). Please work with you local Peplink Partner to get the most suitable model for your requirements.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Do you know if the transit will have sma or qma sockets? I just ordered a transit cat 18 and Poynting antenna with sma connectors assuming it would be same as previous models. If QMA, can you recommend a low loss adapter or pigtail?

Hello @Neziak,
The MAX Transit with Cat-18 chipset is likely to still be SMA (though the Peplink team will have to confirm).
The MBX is a much more tightly packed module with its modems and the internal space does not support the SMA mounting with the newer chipsets, this is part of the reason for moving to QMA.

We have sourced the following patch leads (rather than adaptors) and each is PIM tested at 2.7Mhz

  • SMA to QMA ($84AU each plus shipping, MOQ 10)
  • QMA to SMA ($56AU each plus shipping, MOQ 20)

Lead time in AU is about 1 week, longer internationally. The company making these for us manufactures military and aircraft cabling, we went for quality over price. Your local Certified Peplink Partner can help you with something similar to these, if they are stuck, they will reach out to us for assistance.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update.



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Has the single modem Cat 18 Transit been certified for use with Verizon yet?

@JimA, it is going through that process now and should be done by end of April. Thanks


Can you use it now before certification if you have a preactivated sim, or would it raise a flag in the verizon system?

Yes a preactivated SIM will work but we have no control over the network behavior.




What is the status of t-mobile and at&t certification?
(My reseller has “AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint certifications pending” on the order page.)

There was no checkbox as they had with other devices to acknowledge pending certification, so I’m thinking that may have been just old wording in their description. Went ahead and ordered one since it says AT&T and T-mobile are “compatible carriers” at Can’t wait to get it Friday and see what this new cat18 can do :slight_smile: