More product refresh with Band 71 support?


When can we expect more Peplink product refreshes with Band 71 support?

The Transit Mini does have Band 71 support, but its WAN and LAN connections are only 10/100M.

I’m particularly interested in these models:



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Hi Team, FWIW, we are getting a TON of requests for more products to support Band 71. People are extremely excited about T-Mobiles Data Plan offerings these days.

The lower frequency of Band 71 and potential for improved signal and coverage is the most appealing to us.

The challenge I’ve found is finding device support (beyond newer phones) that support Band 71, and finding external antennas that include those frequencies as well, at a reasonable price.

Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Came across MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM as an upcoming product due out March/April 2020?

Yes, along with these other CAT18 models:

The Balance 20X also supports Band 71:



Curious – where can I find info on interesting data plans for a peplink device on the t-mobile network? Last time I looked on the site I didn’t see much if anything for hotspot devices…? Or do they have to be purchased through a third party such as OTR or nomad? (no experience with either)

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