New Enterprise Offering - Balance 20X & 310X

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Balance 20X^ and 310X are available now.

^ US carrier: supports T-Mobile and AT&T; Verizon pending (expected in Q1-2 2020).

Balance 20X

Futureproof SD-WAN Router for Small Business and Branches

Balance 310X

Enterprise SD-WAN router for Medium Branches

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I can´t see anywhere on the Balance 310X datasheet that it´s modular, but looks like it is.
Is the Balance 310X modular for 5G future proofing?

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Yes, we can replace the module (as below) with 5G modem when it is ready.


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Can we get the 20x with LTE-A in the base?

Do we have an ETA on Verizon Certification for the 20X base modem, as well as all categories of the EXM Mini modules?

How about certifications for the Cat 18 310X?

Any progress on Verizon certification for the BPL-021X?

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B20X got certified on Verizon today.

In the future, I will maintain this post to list out the Verizon certification process. Thanks~


Hey Cassie

Something occurred to me while discussing the balance 310x, which leads me to a question regarding the 2.5gbps throughput capability on the 310x and the MBX for that matter.

I haven’t tested this but does the 310x actually have the capability to move 2.5gbps (or even >1gbps) from multiple WAN’s to multiple LANs at any one time? In the support.cgi page the LAN is shown as having a 1Gbps connection (I beleive this is an internal connection from the LAN switch) and as such I am wondering how it is able to carry more than 1gbps. Is the support.cgi showing the wrong info and does it have a faster link speed internally than that which is shown?


LAN 1 and 2-8 are on separate Ethernet controllers, so you would need to do port aggregation between LAN 1 and one of the other LAN ports to achieve throughput greater than 1 Gbps in either direction.

Hopefully that helps, James!

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Hi Travis,

It does indeed help, thanks for the information. Hope things are going ok for you guys over there and you have a good Christmas.

What is the best suggestion in terms of setting up aggregation if the option isn’t available or might be missing on the 310x port settings?

I know my switches can take aggregation, but I’m pretty positive that both sides need to be able to active aggregation in order to work correctly.

310x Port settings(running 8.2.0 build 5305)

580 HW3 (running 8.2.0 build 5103)