Balance 30 lte not responding daily

We have a balance 30 lte running on Verizon . It’s basically only running a dhcp server and backup internet over cellular . It’s running the latest firmware .

Everyday at some point the router stops responding . It won’t give out dhcp addresses anymore and if you set a static address on the client the router still isn’t reachable. Unplugging the router usually fixes the problem but the first and sometimes second reboot the router hangs booting up (solid red status light indefinitely)

SIM card ? Modem firmware ? Any help ?

Please open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at this:

767304 is the ticket number

Looks like I’m having the exact same issue (router stops responding each evening, usually rebooting in the morning will get it working again, but not always, doesn’t hand out DHCP addresses or respond to ping on static IP).

Was the support team able to resolve your issue? If this is a common issue, having the solution posted on the forum would be helpful.

I have a ticket open as well, #768335.

Peplink replaced the router and we picked up a new sim just in case .

Understand that you have upgraded to firmware 7. Please keep me posted in ticket.

So far so good with firmware 7. If there are no issues over the weekend, I will consider the issue resolved.

In case anyone is wondering, you can get the beta release of firmware 7 here:

Here’s another post on this forum suggesting that this was an issue with 6.3.1 and 6.3.2 as well. I was running 6.3.3 build 3231.

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Never mind, the router stopped responding after about 20 hours of uptime again. So Firmware 7 does not resolve the issue.

Same thing that was constantly happening with me … try a different sim

We did tons of diagnostics , and the only thing we really had programmed into the router was dhcp and backup priority to cellular … the most basic of setups …

Hi Browlry

I will proceed to raise RMA for your case ticket#768335. Please follow up further instructions from the ticket.

I think this is very similar to the problem I’m having and just posted:

Balance 30 LTE LAN ports shut down after a couple hours

Takes several reboots before the router will show up on the network, then after some period of time, usually less than 2 hours, it just goes offline again. Usually all the LAN lights go out and all LAN traffic is stopped.

Did getting replacement units fix your problems?

And a new sim from Verizon

So basically yes replacing the router and getting a new sim from Verizon has fixed the problem , honestly I think it was likely the sim because the router had been previously replaced , I know that sounds crazy but i honestly think it was the sim …