Balance 30 LTE LAN ports shut down after a couple hours

I have a Balance 30 LTE.
I’m setting it up for the first time and have been having repeated problems with the LAN ports shutting down or not working.
I am running firmware 6.3.3 build 3231

The following scenarios are related. I usually experience Scenario A multiple times in a row with multiple reboots until it works, then I experience Scenario B until the LAN ports just shut themselves down again.

Scenario A:
The 30 LTE LAN never connects. IP never shows up on the network ( not ping the IP).
If I reboot the 30 LTE, sometime a several times, the LAN ports start working and I can see it on the network (ping works)

Scenario B:
After the above, the 30 LTE works FANTASTIC :slight_smile:
But only for a couple hours. After a couple hours, the LAN ports all shut down. The IP is not visible on the network.
Then when I look at the physical unit, all the LAN lights are turned off. No green connectivity lights, no yellow activity lights.
Sometimes the Status light is still green.
Sometimes the Status light is solid red.

I have to pull the power and hard cycle the 30 LTE to try to get the LAN ports to start back up.
Which cycles back to either Scenario A or B above.

I really love the unit when it is working. But It only works for 2 - 3 hours at a time.

HELP PLEASE! :slight_smile:

As a test, I rebooted the 30LTE to the prior firmware version (6.2.2 build 3008)

unfortunately, experienced the same problem.
it rebooted and worked…
But after about 45 minutes, the LAN ports went offline.
And it still offline waiting for me to go pull the power cord, yet again…

Do you have any other switches between the peplink and the machines you are using? I had an old netgear 10/100/1000 switch start to fail and it produced outcomes similar to what you are describing.

I was able to get around it by statically assigning a speed to the port. I.e. Don’t let it negotiate. I set mine at 100 full duplex and it lasted until I could replace the switch.

Also, it sounds like the mifi card is using a 192.168 address. Make sure that it is not included in your LAN address scope/range. If it is using 192.168.1.x, make sure your LAN is using 192.168.2.x to insure you don’t cause any kind of NAT loop. It might be easier to change the mifi to use a 10.0.10.x range for its DHCP stuff.

Good luck bro.