6.3 making Balance 30 LTE unresponsive after upgrade

I have a Balance 30 LTE running that I remotely manage. It works great running the 6.1.2 Build 2717 but it would like to utilize some of the features in the newer firmware such as bandwidth limits for users.

For or some reason the router hangs within a few hours after updating the firmware to 6.3.1 or 6.3.2. It won’t respond until power cycled. this repeats indefinitely.

Any idea deal what might be happening and how to troubleshoot it ? My biggest problem is that it’s located at a branch office in the Middle East. I can’t get physical access to it but I can get folks to power cycle it.

Right now I’m continuing to run 6.1.2 to prevent issues of course.


Hi Joshua,

Please open a support ticket here for us to further check from the device.

Thank You

I was seeing this issue on 6.3.3, but it appears to be fixed on firmware 7. The beta release for firmware 7 is available here:

I just learned that you can update the firmware through InControl2, which I thought was pretty cool.

Never mind; the router stops responding after about 20 hours of uptime on Firmware 7, too.

Can you help to open ticket? We need to investigate.

Thank you.

We already have a ticket, #768335.

Hi Browlry

I will follow up with you on the replacement arrangement from ticket #768335.