Azure Site-To-Site VPN to Peplink Balance One

Azure Site-To-Site VPN to Peplink Balance One

I have setup a remote gateway up in Azure, but I have yet to gain a successful connection to my Balance One.

In Azure, my Virtual Network is within the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployment model. I am building out a new network in Azure and no matter what I try, my Cisco RV042 and now my Balance One won’t connect to an Site-to-Site Gateway. It is the one task that s keeping me from syncing my on-premises DCs with a Replica DC is Azure. I am using these guidelines for the Azure end, and these guidelines for the Peplink.

What wisdom do you have on this topic, if any? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. And questions are great as well. You know how this works - you are neck deep in a project and you forget valuable information when you ask a question. I understand if you need clarification.

Thank you.

We currently do not support dynamic routing with Azure using IKEv2, only static routing using IKEv1. Here is a different thread for reference:

It is on our roadmap to support this but it won’t be until late this year or Q1 of next year. Thanks.

Hi Tim

Any update on this ? is Peplink supports Azure Site to Site VPN now ?

We have rescheduled this feature to v7.1.0, to support IKEv2. Stay tuned. Fyi, we do support Azure Site to Site VPN using IKEv1.


Yes, but IKEv1 is not supported when connecting to a Virtual Network within the Resource Management model. Therefore IKEv2 is desired.