Aite to site VPN to Azure


I have a client that has an existing set of Balance 580’s. They are looking to move some resources to Azure. I would like to build a site to site VPN on the peplink’s, however from what I can tell Peplink’s only support IKEv1 which will not work. I did find the following link Azure Site-To-Site VPN to Peplink Balance One - #2 by Tim_S which says that support was scheduled for release in 2017, however I can’t find any verification that it actually happened. Can anyone tell me if I can set up an IKEv2 site to site VPN on my peplink?

I’ve got a balance one that I was able to configure an ipsec VPN tunnel with Azure without issue. I created a gateway in azure and followed the directions for created a tunnel using a Cisco ASA and it worked without issue.

Or you could host a FusionHub virtual appliance in Azure alongside their migrated resources and continue to use PepVPN for site to site traffic.

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Thanks Martin, I looked at the website and it does not appear that this is currently supported

Q.Could FusionHub be installed in any cloud environment, even public clouds?
We plan to support public clouds. We will make the announcement as soon as public cloud support is available.

I have seen FusionHub running in Azure, I’m sure @Erik_deBie wrote a guide for that although admittedly I haven’t seen it released yet. FusionHub runs just about anywhere in my experience. I’ve run it on $10/month vms in many different public clouds over the years and of course you can run it on hosted vmware infrastructure and on AWS too. There is also unoffical Google Cloud support for it too.

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