I remember reading a documentation that said establishing a VPN to Azure via static routing is possible. I am not able to find anything related to that as well. Please help.


Look like you are looking at the configuration guide for IKEv1 policy-based site to site VPN between Peplink & Azure. Seem Azure is non-validated by Peplink, thus we don’t have the configuration guide for Azure.

Configuring IPSEC IKEv1 at Peplink device is a standard configuration. You may refer to the sample Peplink device IPSEC configuration using the URLs below:

For Azure IPSEC IKEv1 information please refer to the URL below:

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We need IKE v2 support. Because tender specification document require IKE v2 support.
So Can you clarify roadmap?


Can PM me the tender details on IKEv2?

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are there any updates on when IKEv2 support might be added? It’s been a year since this thread was started so I would hope it would be done very soon. we have an urgent need to connect to an Azure network that is set to dynamic routing, and if Peplink cannot support this soon then we will likely have to get rid of our Peplink device and get something else.

This feature was scheduled after v6.4.0 or later.

Thank you.

What does that mean? Can you give us an estimated date? This year, next year, 2 years??

We have no ETA at the moment. This feature is in our queuing list with medium priority. Thank you for your concern.

It looks like we will have to move away from Peplink then unfortunately. This is standard functionality on any other firewall device, I don’t understand why the Peplink can’t do it. And it should be high priority, not medium.

Thanks for your feedback and we understand if you have to make that move. If it were something that was very simple we would have done it already, but obviously this will need some development resources. Our roadmap is based on demand and unfortunately this has only come up a few times. We appreciate your understanding and hope to win your business back in the future.

+1 to this feature

IKEv2 needed here too …

Bump… needed by most organizations nowadays.

Hi All

Is Peplink support Azure site to site VPN now ?

I have feedback here.


Just setup an IPsec VPN to a customers ASA and they were very disappointed that IKEv2 was not supported. Needless to say, it does not reflect well on us. So another +1 for this feature.

We also have a request for this feature from a large client. +1 to this feature

Hi All

Is Peplink support Azure site to site VPN (dynamic routing with IKE v2) now ?

We target to support IKEv2 in v7.1.0. Anyway, dynamic routing will not be supported.


+1 for IKEv2…GCP/GCE supports IKEv1 but it is limited to a single tunnel. With multiple, non-contiguous/adjacent subnets, the configuration we require is next to impossible to implement. IKEv2 support is standard on most other platforms and should be a priority for PepLink.