AP One AC Mini and Balance 20 - WAN connection dropping


Appreciated the patience. We have the AP One AC firmware 3.6.0 RC build ready and is uploaded here.

Current known issue:

  • WDS malfunction


I’ve got 3.6.0 RC installed on 2 Mini’s and 2 Enterprise APs. So far no issues. I can already tell device connectivity is much more stable. Looking forward to see if this fixes some of my IoT devices that have been randomly losing connectivity.


Hi Ryan,

Appreciated the news and let us know if you encounter any issues.



How do we get this firmware in the format so it can be uploaded into our Balance 380, for distribution to the APs from there?


AP Controller firmware pack of the 3.6.0RC is now available here


With the old firmware I had to reboot at least one of my Kuna lights daily to reconnect. So far no issues. I can also report that my Ring Doorbell is much more reliable for connecting. Short same size but will keep you posted.


So far so good with the firmware.

I have a single outdoor AP One Flex that wouldn’t take any of the Betas or this RC - any ideas on what I can try please?


I upgraded one of my AP One Mini to this firmware. Seems to be working but in that installation all the wireless clients are new windows laptops so it wasn’t an issue before. That unit is 2931-E0B7-FBC2. The upgrade from 3.5.3 to 3.6.0 went smoothly.

I have a box full of Mini that were replaced during the last year at considerable $$ cost, as they have been unusable. I tried to upgrade 2932-BA65-4FD2 to 3.6.0. The upgrade process shows no errors, but when the unit reboots it is still running 3.5.3. I tried changing to 3.5.4 and then do the upgrade to 3.6.0, but it still won’t work. That unit will not accept the new firmware. No errors, just reboots with the previous firmware.



Please open a support ticket with Remote Assistance enabled in order for us to take a closer look.


Good news and bad news.

Good news is that the 1773.bin firmware pack loads fine. My failed attempts were trying to load 1148.fwb directly onto the device. Now that I realize that I was trying to load the wrong file, the AP One Mini is running 3.6.0. Hope it cures the original problem.

Bad news is that I can’t load 1148.fwb into my B380. I’m doing AP > Toolbox > Manual Upload, and selecting 1148.fwb. I get a message “Invalid firmware pack”.

EDIT: Found the problem. I already had three AP firmware packs in the B380 library. Apparently three is the limit. I deleted one, then had no problem installing 1148.


Hi Don,

Could you please PM me your B380 information? I will check it.



Current 3.6.0 RC is for AP One Flex AC only. AP One Flex would still be in 3.5.x series.


3.6.0 RC2 is here and the AP Controller firmware packs is here. This update contains small fixes for SSID reporting and PepVPN. If everything goes right, this can be the 3.6.0 GA. Will keep a closer look for these two weeks.


I just purchased an AP AC Mini based off my past experience with PL/PW products. This little guy is obviously had some issues. With 3.5.4, the unit goes into never-never land when I enable the AP controller from my Balance 20. I can manually get a login screen, but it will not accept a password, and it just simply doesn’t work as an WAP. After attempting this, I’m forced to do a hard reset to get back to defaults.

OK, 3.6.0 seems to resolve this issue, but I have no 5GHz / AC radio control. No 5GHz radio either through manually configuring the unit or via the Balance 20 AP Controller. It will work as a 2.4 GHz WAP just fine. Booting 3.6.0 (either 1773 or 1776), I have no 5GHz options. When I booting back to 3.5.4, the 5GHz radio control is enabled, but the Balance 20 AP control is, as stated, non-functional.



Hi eelwell,

Could you please PM me your AP Controller and AP One AC mini information?
I will follow up with you.



Thanks Eddy. Will load this into AP ENT and AP AC Minis


Eddy, is this the latest version ?



Loaded 1149 to my Balance One and pushed to my AP Ones. So far so good. I’ll monitor over the coming days.


We are likely to have one RC3, in which we have fixed the neighbor scanning glitch with AP Controller support. The release should be ready early next week while we are finishing our tests.



WAN connection dropping problem continues with 3.6.0 on AP One Rugged. This issue is still not resolved.
Manually disconnecting and reconnecting clients restores WAN connectivity.