Wireless clients still associated but stop passing IP until WiFi reset

I have a client with 13 devices, mostly iPads, and have been seeing this very strange problem where they will remain associated with an AP but suddenly stop passing IP. I saw this happen myself while pinging two of them from a wired PC. They stopped replying to pings yet the Balance One controller said they were still associated. Disabling and re-enabling WiFi on the tablets fixed it, for now. Other tablets associated to the same AP pinged fine during the issue with the others. This happened on an AP One AC mini and on a 300M. One tablet had been associated for 3 hours 45 minutes in case that matters.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Please help to open ticket for us to take closer look. You have provided the useful info here.

Thanks for your detail troubleshooting efforts!

I have seen the same and it was also with Apple devices. In my case, the IP was displaying as the IP. I went to a static IP and have not had any issues.

I also notice the issue when moving from one AP to another. The Apple devices don’t hand off very well with non-Apple access points. I haven’t had any trouble with any other devices attached to wifi.

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same here with OSX devices like my mac or iphones.

Ticket: 772349

I have an environment you can test

Thank you. Support team will follow up with you using support ticket.

@sitloongs Any updates on this problem?


Do you opened a support ticket for support team to check ?

I thought @Venn did since he has a test environment. (I only have a client’s production environment and can’t inconvenience them to test.)

“Venn” case are different.

Can you please open a support ticket for the team to check. Possible please include the[ diagnostic report] (Obtaining a Diagnostic Report from a Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX Device) (Downloaded when you found the issue) and this will allow support team to investigate the issue.