Wired printers only available on Untagged VLAN

I have two printers with wired ethernet connections to the Pepwave Soho router, which is configured with 4 VLANS. For some reason when I try to print from any wireless computer/device the printers are only available on the Untagged VLAN. I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to make the printers available on other VLANS, but have not been successful. Is this possible?


Note that if dealing with AirPrint compatible printers, you would need something like Bonjour forwarding which is only available on Balance series routers. But this feature requires a bug fix and not working currently in 8.1.1 (for the B20x at least)

Thanks for the quick replies and clarification about the Balance routers! Can you help me understand why the wired printers are assigned to the Untagged VLAN as opposed to any other VLAN?

Sorry I misunderstood your question

The issue is you expect the printers to be assigned an IP on a defined VLAN?

If so, then it’s a matter of designating ports on the SOHO to a given Vlan and setting it as « access ».

Then simply plug in your printers into those specific ports you configured.

If your connecting them to a switch down the line then it’s more complicated. The switch needs to be managed and vlan aware and it would need to be configured with proper vlan access ports. Then the switch connected to a « trunk » port set to « any » on the soho.

Do you want the printers to live in the untagged LAN or do you want them in a VLAN?

The last paragraph of your message had the key information: wired devices need to be on a managed switch that is plugged into one of the LAN ports. Then setting the Port Type to Trunk and the VLAN to Any will allow a wired device to be available to all VLANs (with proper configuration). Once you mentioned this point I found it buried in the document “Pepwave_VLAN_Config.pdf” on https://5gstore.com.

For VLAN you can choose from the default Untagged LAN, any VLAN you’ve created (they will be listed as you have them named), or Any, which means ALL VLANs will be available (in this case you MUST be using a managed Ethernet Switch on the LAN port).

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