Inter-VLAN printer on Surf Soho

Surf Soho MK3
Pop!_OS (Ubuntu variant) 20.04
Photosmart 6520 series
Unable to locate printer

Inter-VLAN routing enabled on bopth VLANs. Access rules still in default status (allow any from any to any).

Connected to the old router the printer works. Connected to Peplink I am unable to find the printer; it is visible on the VLAN.

What can I try next?

There should be nothing blocking routing at an IP level.

Its on a different VLAN, you would likely need to manually add it using the printers IP address.

I was able to add a printer with its IP, but still cannot print.

I also checked two iPads (Inter-VLAN routing enabled) and neither were able to see a printer for AirDrop.

I hate printers. Perhaps you should start with everything working in the same VLAN and after than put printer in its own VLAN. You are really asking for a headache here as there are many different protocols used to talk to printers. They are more computer than printer at this point. Each protocol would have to be dealt with in the firewall rules. Is it worth it?

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Thanks Michael234, this is the solution I went with and the printer is working again.

The main objective was to shut down the old router, which I can now do. I’ll keep playing around with it this winter.

Many thinks to you and MartinLangmaid for your valuable assistance. I hope you enjoy the holiday season and have a safe New Year.

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