WiFi that requires login such as Hotels, Campgrounds, etc

I have a Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 and I want to connect to Tengointernet at my RV Campground. It requires that you sign in with your campground information to get free access. I connect to the WiFi and then open a web page hoping to see the sign on info like I see on my iPhone when connecting. I don’t. So how do we connect to these WiFi sources that require you to fill out info or accept terms in order to continue using the WiFi provider?

Hi Neal,

this is discussed here a few month ago…

There are some workarounds, but you have to check if it’s legal or not (for the WiFi you’ll connect).


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workarounds discussed here on forums. basically set the wifi wan as priority 1, turn off all others, connect to a website. make sure dns settings are set to use the one for wifi as wan (default).

there are also a few feature requests. please vote for them!

I am using a soho mk3 and a work around that I have found is in a web browser type in and sometimes it forces it to the login page. I’ve had to do this in several places where using the free wifi and the login page did not display on my phone or computer. A website that I found some help on also stated this: , , or http://localhost.

Hope this helps.