PepWave WiFi WAN Feature Request


Hello -

Presently the WiFi WAN in the PepWave units does not allow you to take advantage of any ISP, which requires authentication thru a captive portal (webpage) to access their Hot Spots. Would love the ability to configure the WiFi Wan, so it will present credentials to the ISP’s captive portal webpage, thereby authenticating and granting access to their network.


Yeah, that would be a great feature, I agree with you gradywhite


This is much easier said then done and there are multiple different types of captive portals out there, we could not possibly support them all. Besides, this would be a clear violation to their ToS:

  1. Prohibited Uses

You specifically agree not to:

access (or attempt to access) the Comcast Web Services through any automated means (including use of scripts or web crawlers), except through APIs or other interfaces specifically provided for this purpose, or violate the instructions set out in any robots.txt or similar file present within the Comcast Web Services;

attempt to or actually circumvent any method used by Comcast to control access to Comcast Web Services, including, but not limited to, spoofing or otherwise impersonating an IP address for your computer that is not actually assigned to your computer or setting up a proxy or other device that allows others to access the Comcast Web Services through it.


I am not looking to circumvent anything. I have accounts with the ISP, but your appliance does not allow me to authenticate . You provide this very same provision (captive portal) to authenticate with your APs . I am looking for a web interface integrated on your appliance that would allow me to authenticate to the ISP


We appreciate the feature request but this is not something we will expend resources on. From a legal standpoint this is not feasible and also many of these captive portals are starting to use captchas and check boxes to confirm it is a human accessing there network. The continuous updates to workaround their login would be a nightmare. Thanks.


Your WiFiWan component of your code emulates the WiFi hardware found in every laptop. I am just asking for one additional feature. The ability of your code to cause a pop-up window running a open source (or whatever) browser, so I (a human) can enter legitimate credentials and even answer check box and/or captcha box. I am not asking you to workaround anything. The world is more and more wireless and moving toward this sort of authentication workflow. I am not sure why you feel this functionality would be a waste of resources… I see this feature allowing those who travel with your appliances the freedom on contracting with HotSpot providers and not forced to rely solely on cellular


If you are willing to do that much “manual work” manually logging into the ISP’s captive portal every time, why not do that with a laptop running Windows and then using Internet Connection sharing, run the Pepwave’s Ethernet WAN port off the Ethernet port of the laptop? You can do the same with a Mac ( or Linux ( Windows ICS:

One advantage of doing it this way is that you never have to mess with the Pepwave. The downside is you need one more computer, although it could be something as cheap as a Raspberry Pi or some ancient laptop.


So here is why at least some of us will want this feature and are not pleased with the total dismissal. I use the BR1 in a camper van about the size of a FedEx van. Metal skin. The BR1 is paired with a MobileMark antenna mounted through the roof. Outside the metal skin. The MobileMark I use has a wifi element. It can reach quite far mated with the BR1. I’m sitting outside a Pilot truck stop. The Wifi signal the BR1 refuses to use is very strong. The signal reaching my iPad, pretty weak. The point is, I use the antenna and router I selected specifically to get that roof access.

the changes required to provide what we’re all asking for are to show the SSID, and show a button that will launch a new browser window open to the captive portal URL.

If you really do not want the RV market, a statement to that effect would be appreciated.


Just curious. Once you’ve logged in to the Pilot Truck Stop’s WiFi, if you disconnect, and then reconnect, do you have to log in again? The reason I ask is if the authentication is for some period of time, and MAC based, maybe you can gain BR1 access by having the BR1 run with a clone of the PC/tablet MAC Address that you authenticated with. I know that’s a long shot, but might be worth a try.


In general there is the issue of getting access in the first place. Again I’ll point to the difference between the MobileMark roof antenna and my laptop or tablet’s internal antenna. What we find is the roof antenna can get enough signal, but the laptops and tablet cannot. The Pilot and Flying-J authentication seems to last a good long while, at least overnight, and that’s quite sufficient for the need. Changing the MAC address on the BR1 might work if the BR1 would even show the SSID, but this is one of those where it shows a blank instead. If I manually configure the SSID, it is possible to connect, but without knowing the URL of the login page, that doesn’t work well.

As I’ve noted, in cases where the access point redirects all traffic to the login page, it’s possible to use the BR1 by simply disabling health check on the wifi-as-wan.