WiFi network wants browser entries before internet connection is enabled

Max BR1…How do I join a WiFi network that wants to open a browser to enter a user name and password to gain internet connectivity?

We only support HotspotSystem. Please find the link below for more details.

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Do you mean when using WiFi as WAN on the BR1? If so you’ll need to disable health check on the WiFi WAN connection, then connect to the wifi network. Once the BR1 is connected if you try and access the internet from a device connected to the BR1 it’s browser will get redirected to the login page.

Once you’re authenticated and logged in you can re-enable the health check on the wifi WAN.

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Hello @Dbappe,
Would you consider using the Peplink Captive Portal to create the web page based login? There are lots of articles here in the forum on how to do that.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

I know this is an old post but it’s the only one related to what I’m attempting.

I have a Mikrotik Metal connected to my Max Transit WAN port. The Mikrotik scans and finds wifi hotspots that I can connect to. It is LIKE Wifi as WAN but slightly different in that the connection is actually made by the Mikrotik, not the Peplink, and passed through to the Peplink. How do I handle logins to hotspots in this situation AND what if the login has a redirect to a web page like in airports and hotels?

How can I make this work, and how to make it as transparent as possible? Willl I always have to login to the Mikrotik separately to make a connection? Then, what happens with a redirect to a portal if required by the hotspot?

I would really like to select a wifi network via the Peplink UI if possible but I’m not sure that the Mikrotik on the WAN port will integrate this closely (like WifiRanger does with the GoAC router connected to the outdoor CPE router that is also a Mikrotik Metal).

I hope that someone can show me the path to joy.