Wifi - Issues with Peplink networks

Is there any issue with captive portal or incontrol? We observe in many links the wifi users are logged out in 10-15 minutes interval and they need to login again and again.

We have the same issue since yesterday.

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Our team is investigating this issue.

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Can you please raise a ticket with below link, provide the device S/N and timestamp the issue raised, we’ll dig into the issue, thanks.



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@Shabil_Veeran @Khalid_Jamal ,

We are checking the ticket that created by you. We will investigate on it.

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Created multiple tickets, shared photos, mac ids, videos everything. Its the 3rd day without the solution. May i know what went wrong?

@Shabil_Veeran ,

The Engineering Team identified the issue is related to the new option that deployed for the β€œthrottle bandwidth to” in the IC2 Captive Portal version 2.13.2 and this caused the Captive Portal to prompt up again after the user login for some time.

As for the temporary workaround, the Engineering Team has reverted the IC2 Captive Portal changes to the previous version.

The Captive Portal should work fine now and please let us know if you still see an issue. If possible, please update the status using the tickets so that the Support Team can work closely with the Engineering Team on those issues.

Known issue after the IC2 Captive Portal version 2.13.2 change have been reverted:
Please take note that the following β€œthrottle bandwidth to” option will no longer work as expected until the next fix is deployed again.

Update on 13/5/2024 9.36am GMT+8
The β€œthrottle bandwidth to” is fixed.

The Engineering team found the a new bug for the β€œguest account quota reset time (hour & minute)” and the reset time is not working as expected (This will be fix as soon as possible)

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