Does anyone have optimal techniques for increasing network efficiency in a small business setting?

Greetings, fellow participants

Right now, I have to optimise the network performance for a small firm, thus I’m looking for some professional guidance and ideas. We have multiple Peplink switches and routers in our network configuration, but we’re having some reliability problems and performance constraints.

This is a quick summary of our configuration:

  • Our network backbone is made up of interlinked Peplink gateways and hubs. To best serve our users, we mostly rely on Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • We maintain multiple WAN connections, such as 4G LTE, DSL, and cable, allowing for load balancing and redundancy. To optimise throughput and reliability, we need to manage these connections well, which raises some challenges.

  • Our consumers make use of cloud-based apps, VoIP calls, video conferencing, and web surfing, among other activities. Our business activities depend on these snowflake services being accessible easily and continually.

  • Network security is our first priority, and to protect our data and infrastructure, we have put policies for firewalls and VPN connections in order. We are, however, open to tips on how to shore up our security stance without relinquishing anything.

In light of this, I would be very grateful for any guidance or suggestions on the following:

Anyone have Suggestions for enhancing Wi-Fi coverage, stability, and throughput to satisfy our wireless consumers’ needs?

Anyone have recommendations for improving network security protocols, including content filtering, access control, and intrusion detection and prevention?

I’m willing to investigate both possible hardware upgrades and settings changes inside our current Peplink devices.

I appreciate your helpful advice and insightful comments in advance.