Wifi DHCP Issue

I just setup a new BR1 Max Pro and I notice that the Wifi is not passing DHCP addresses to the clients. everyone plugged into a port get the defined network but anyone connecting via wifi get an APIPA address 169.253.123.X address. Any thoughts on this.

Not expected behaviour. Make sure you are on the latest firmware and do a factory reset and test DHCP on factory WiFi AP settings.

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It’s on the latest firmware I just dont get it.

Did you set up a separate VLAN for Wifi? Any chance you don’t have DHCP enabled for the WiFi VLAN?

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No its all one the same subnet.

factory reset it. Config might be corrupted. Otherwise log a ticket.

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Does Pepwave support work on the weekend?

May be a silly question, but is DHCP enabled on the VLAN the SSID is mapped to? Sounds like the wireless part is ok if clients get past authentication but aren’t getting a DHCP offer to get an IP.

Nikolaus no special vlan i left it untagged

Is DHCP enabled on the LAN (untagged) itself? It should be under Network > LAN settings and not the AP settings since that sounds like that’s ok

Oh - maybe check encryption on the SSID is set to WPA-Personal if you’re using a password and isn’t set to WEP/ WPA-Enterprise/etc…

No, but with support teams based in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK there is a lot of time zone overlap of normal office hours and tickets can get answered overnight in your time zone by a support team in another which can be useful.

Also I know from experience that many engineers keep an unofficial eye out for tickets in their own time too - they are an enthusiastic bunch.

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I did a factory reset and it is still giving me a 169 address but devices plugged into the switch are the right ip’s

Then Log a ticket as thats weird and needs investigation.

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You know what funny is that my laptop plug into the port and gets an IP also my Radio over IP Gateway works via DHCP.

Hello @Barranett,
A few questions things to check:

  • What is the version of Firmware you are running in the MAX BR1
  • Are you configuring the MAX BR1 from InControl2
  • What are the device types connecting to the SSID
  • Can you see the list of Clients using InControl2 or from within the MAX BR1

This information will be helpful for Peplink to diagnose with and for others here in the forum to help guide you with possible solutions.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response.

  1. I’m running the latest version of firmware 7.0.2

  2. I was configuring it from InControl2

  3. I was trying to connect a Laptop and iPhone 6

  4. Yes I see my RoIP GW from InControl2 via DHCP no problem

May i know did you open a support ticket as mention by @MartinLangmaid ?

For quick issue checking you can actually perform network packet capture from BR1 Pro (Support.cgi page) to verify whether the DHCP request reach to the device.

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@sitloongs it does show up as a 169.253.X.X Apipa Address…its not issuing the DHCP address. However, when I plug into the device directly I get the address I want.

Can you share you support ticket number here ?

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