WiFi as WAN connectivity

What percentage (guess) of RV Parks that will allow the WiFi as WAN feature to connect to there WiFi?

The only hiccup you may encounter is captive portals, but I believe there is a way to get that working:

Other than that, don’t think there is anything else they could do to block you, as your Peplink device would appear just as another wifi client on their network.

If they’re blocking VPN that could cause you problems if using encrypted Speedfusion tunnel or VPN client.

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Thanks very much for the “work around”. I still would like to know how many RV parks are requiring this special procedure to get connected if anyone has experience.

@CaptainSlow, I would say most if not all of them will either have some sort of captive portal, or the need to enter the wifi network and password into your Peplink device to activate the Wifi-Wan connection. Which means you will have to login everytime to your device to every place you stop at with a special wifi name and password to achieve connectivity. Sometimes, you can run into a situation where there is an automatic open wifi network like “ATT Wifi” or “Xfinity WIFI” but those are usually few and far between in rural areas.

I can confirm just about every hotel (no matter how rural) would offer their Wifi password if staying as a guest. I don’t see why the same isn’t said for any RV park/KOA/Campground if they do have any sort of connectivity.

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Thanks Cable 17!