Marina Wi-Fi with login page for authentication

I’d like to know how to setup my Peplink router to accesse wan WiFi usually found in many marina that use a login page asking user and password when you try to access internet through a normal browser.

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Do the following.

  1. login to your peplink device
  2. set wifi wan as highest priority WAN
  3. disable healthcheck on it
  4. connect it to the marina wifi
  5. Try and access the internet on a connected device - login to the marina captive portal when asked
  6. wifi wan to marina wifi should now be connected.
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Thank you. It works.
the stopping point was Healthcheck not disabled.



Noob here, I wasn’t sure whether to create a new post or tack on to this one. It’s not that old so I decided it’s relevant here. Let me know if that’s not the case.

I’m also trying to get onto a public wifi with captive portal credentials at a marina. I followed the above instructions and set wifi wan as the only device active and disabled healthcheck. I connected to the marina wifi and just get an “unable to connect to server” message in the browser. WebAdmin shows “Connecting …” in the Dashboard and I’m attaching a shot of the Event Log showing that an IP is not obtained on the network (first line).

I am able to connect through the builtin wifi on my Macbook Air.

Here’s some potentially helpful info:

Model: Pepwave MAX Transit
Firmware: 8.0.2 build 4407
MacOS Catalina 10.15.6
Firefox 82.02

Thanks for the help!

Hi - welcome to the forum!
Suggest you try wifi WAN using the 5Ghz radio and see if that helps. Not getting allocated an IP address is a fundamental hurdle. Maybe your Macbook Air is connecting on 5Ghz,…

Thanks for the reply Martin. The vendor (Beacon) said to use the network I’m connecting too, explicitly not the SSIDs with either 2G/5G/2GEXT in the name. I get plenty of signal, just no portal. I do get the portal when I connect with the onboard NIC of my laptop or the Alfa Network USB NIC that I have as well. Any further ideas or info that would help?