Wi-Fi WAN not connecting

Hello? Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction?

Wi-Fi WAN on 2.4GHz does not stop “Scanning…”

I work from an RV and aside from cellular service, I need to be able to connect to Wi-Fi WAN for internet connectivity (especially while traveling in Canada) where I will be stationary for the next two months.
Equipment in the RV:
Hardware revision: 2
Firmware: 8.0.2s091 build 4467
Enabled: Wi-Fi WAN on 2.4GHz (for trouble shooting to isolate connection)

I am trying to connect to the broadband Wi-Fi at my In-Law’s house. This is the configuration in the house:
SSID: lacroix
Signal Strength: -74dBm, (broadcasting on Channel 4)
Wireless Security Authentication: WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK
Wireless Mode: 802.11b/g

Gateway Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Info:
Range -
Allocated: 16
Remaining: 175
Timeout: 1440 Minutes
IPv6: Disabled

Occasionally, I see an entry in the event log:
WAN: Wi-Fi WAN on 2.4GHz fails to associate lacroix (WPA:shared key may be incorrect)

The shared key is correct (that’s how I am connected to write this post)

I have tried the following:
Rebooting the Pepwave
Static IP Address
Changed Operating Country in AP settings to Canada (No Clue why this would help, but hey could it hurt?)

Just can’t get a connection nor anything that will indicate what i’ve done wrong.

This may be off track, but just in case…

For a BR1 LTE we’ve been moving around we also get the continuous “Scanning…” on the dashboard:

Which could easily be interpreted as no Wi-Fi being available. However, when we click on “Wireless Networks” we do get a list of local Wi-Fi networks:

Clicking on the “Connect” of the chosen network creates a profile and connects.

Since you have (at some point) entered an SSID password this may be irrelevant to your case, but there’s the usual $0.02 on the off chance it is relevant.

Good luck.


Thanks so much, Z for the quick reply. You at least confirmed someone is out there. :grinning:

The method you describe is how I usually (and in the past successfully) connect to Wi-Fi WAN in a public campground. But this time at my In-Laws (and the last time in Wisconsin parked in a friends driveway), I get endless “Scanning…”

I have tried with setting up profiles and without. neither works.

My guess is that there is something about the equipment in private homes (perhaps a setting or just older technology) that keeps the MAX Transit from actually connecting. My equipment at home is all relatively new and hardy. So there may be something else going on.

Hopefully, someone on the Peplink Team will reply soon. Canada is horribly expensive for cellular data and we’re going to be here for 2-3 months.

@Rick-DC; This thread contains more information about what I’ve tested in the last day. Thanks. Javier

@javier.reynaldos, we responded you in another forum thread below. Please follow up with us in the ticket. Thanks.

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Everyone: What solved the issue was “refreshing” the password on the router to which I was trying to connect. I was able to reuse the same password and the pepwave finally connected. If you are unable to do so (for lack of permission/access), then me thinks you are screwed.

Tech support did not offer any other fixes.