Where does IC2 WAN Quality Latency come from?

Where does IC2 latency info come from? The screenshot below shows 1 of 4x VSAT WANs on a Balance One, showing ~3 ms latency, which is quite impossible on a VSAT link and totally incorrect.

The Balance One recently replaced a B20 with 3x VSAT links on v7 firmware. The B20 never had this issue in IC2 and latency was always reported correctly at ~650 ms. I am now on v8 and all 4x VSAT links show incorrect latency information.

Bump… anyone?

I always assumed that this is observed Latency of traffic passing via the WAN in question that then gets pushed back up to IC2 for reporting purposes.

@Michael will know for sure. By the way, the best way to get quick answers about IC2 is by using the feedback button on the right when you’re logged in. That goes straight to the IC2 team.

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The latency value is coming from tcptraceroute. We take the second hop’s RTT as a WAN’s latency. It is likely that the WAN’s next hop is not a satellite router.


We have seen this many times.
It is due to TCP spoofing or TCP acceleration been done in your satellite modem.
To reduce the time for more data to be requested, you satellite modem can falsely send a response back to your router and this short latency time is what the Peplink router is recording.
Have a look at this article TCP Enhancements for Satellite Networks, Using TCP Spoofing | PPT