WAN Quality - MPLS no data available

Hi guys,

I have connected 2 WANs on a Balance 580, 1 MPLS with no internet and 1 Dedicated Internet. The problem i have is that in IC2 i don’t have WAN Quality report for the MPLS link, i have selected all WAN interface in “WAN Quality Monitoring” option but nothing appear online for the MPLS WAN.

Is this because the MPLS link has no internet ?


I assume there isn’t a 2nd routing hop to measure against…?

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Thanks @MartinLangmaid,

i try a traceroute to a remote MPLS gateway, the ouput


I have configure the “Health Check Settings” with to Ping the same IP address but nothing on IC2.

Lets ask @Michael for his input here.

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The latency values in the WAN quality reports are gathered by performing tcptraceroute to and recording the second hop’s latency. If the second hop does not respond, it will try to ping and record the ping latency. For the MPLS link, as it cannot route to, that’s why no latency values could be recorded.



Can you please open a ticket for us check on MPLS connection for the possible feature improvement ?


Thanks you all for your answers.

@sitloongs Ok i have opened a ticket.

Hope we will manage this in the next firmware.