Where did the visio stencils go?

When you download the zip file for visio stencils, its only contains .png files. I thought there used to be .vss files?

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The png files are not useful in a rack mount visio diagram.

Hi all,

Our marketing team is looking into this matter now. Stay tuned.

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I’ve been searching the forum for Visio or any type of drawing stencils and all I can find are old threads like this one from 2014. What ever happened to the marketing team “looking into this matter”?

Answered here Mechanical Drawings - #34 by mldowling

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Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus, I appreciate that you took the time and made the effort to reply and help out. Sadly, the Peplink Partner I have been using did not know that they had access to this material and when I asked, they sent me a Peplink Partner PowerPoint they had just received. The joke is that the PowerPoint file had the information I was looking for although I could not access the Partner sites but it turns out other parties have already shared this information on the Internet. So much for Peplink protecting any of its intellectual property. If this Peplink Partner had actually looked at the material that Peplink had sent them they would have been able to help me out and actually provide decent customer service. Not the case. Just another reason why this business model does not do the paying customer any favors. I wish I could be more positive about my experience but this is the reality I am dealing with.

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I think its crazy not to share VISIO stencils in public to anyone that needs them.
I just had a customer ask for them and as a partner myself I can’t find them.

Lets just publish them and worry about other more important things…


100% agree! I can get stencils for Juniper, Cisco and Palo Alto devices. It should be no different for Peplink devices.

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For those of you using Diagrams.net instead of Visio (and if you’re not you should try it), here is my custom library that I use.


Peplink Visio Stencils is now publicly available. > Check this out <


Hi Martin,
Cudos for sharing the library, I like it!

May I ask where these colorized clipart/stencils come from? I cant find them among the visio stencils or any of the marketing resources and I really prefer them and not the line drawings, however the library is missing a few items i believe, like balance 3/580x, sdx/pro?

They were drawn by Alan T at Peplink for use in marketing materials like power presentations. I took an old Peplink company overview powerpoint presentation and exported them as images and made this Draw.io library from them. Then I drew some new ones as I needed them for my own diagrams.

Cassy’s link below to the Visio stencils has a SVG vector for each product too so it’s easy to add new models to my draw.io library. Only thing I’d ask is that if anyone does add more that you re-share it here for everyone else to use too.

The SDX is already in my library by the way:


Martin, these are amazing. Do you have the source images? I’d like to make them into actual Visio stencils as the ones provided by PL are… not pretty lol.

Cassy unfortunately these are not vss Visio stencils

Im actually shocked that after all these years vss stencils aren’t available. Christopher if you ever convert Martins work I would welcome your share.