Mechanical Drawings

I also cant access the link that @Alice_Cheng has shared


It’s under Partner Forum > Partner FAQ > Mechanical, 3D Drawings.

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Hi @Alice_Cheng
Both links work now!

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Hi, how can i download the max br1 mini board layout for a custom enclosure?


The mechanical is 3D so you can get the dimensions of the board and all connectors from it. Do you have the file?

Attached is a zip of the .stp file.

(Attachment is missing)


It says the file is missing. Also no i dont have it. Can you post again please.

The forum won’t let me attached the file to an email sent via the forum. I need your actual email address to send it to you. The .zip is about 2MB. The expanded files are about 30MB as I recall.

Is there a way to send it to you in private?

Send me your email address so I can send you the file

Hi Torus, Please send your request and project details (with your company domain email) to [email protected] or contact your Peplink Account Manager for mechanical drawings. We cannot share any .stp file over the public or partner forum. Thanks.

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Sent to your email

I’m having trouble accessing this link. Getting an error that the page doesn’t exist or is private. Can someone email it to me if that’s the best way?

Why isn’t this information available on the product page if it’s so often requested?

This link only shared with Peplink certified partners who have Partner Forum access. If you need specific model mechanical drawings, please send the request to [email protected] and provide us further details about the project you’re working on. Thanks.

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    I received your email via the forum. I have

access to the files. Which file(s) are you seeking? I can get
them for you.

    Also, I have to ask, where are you located

and where are you getting your Peplink products?



Born of frustration I’m posting this reply only in the context of a customer who is new to Peplink and who has just spent many thousands of dollars on hardware. I am mostly happy with the Peplink equipment but trying to get support is very frustrating. What happened to the days of going to ONE place to get everything you need? Now I have to search through forums (extremely inefficient), contact multiple companies, find out who is a partner and who has access to what, rely on Google/YouTube and ultimately waste hours and hours of my time that isn’t billable. Companies are constantly pestering me with surveys and questions about how they can do better, well here’s a start.

Having grown up in the world of mainframes where the manufacturer supplied complete solutions I understand your frustration. I some cases I may be able to help. My contact info is below. I specialize in supplying solutions for integrators and enterprise users.


Thanks Len, I appreciate you reaching out but it appears my rant failed in accurately communicating my frustration. I have some options but if they fail I’ll be back.

Hello Grant, (@SIR)
Peplink operates (as do many manufacturers & vendors nowadays) with a decentralised support model focused on empowering the Peplink Partners to support the customer (our business is one of these Peplink Partners). Primary support and contact should always be with your supply point (who you brought the solution from).

If you are not getting the support you need, then feel free to send Peplink an email or raise a support ticket and let them know where you got the solution from, include in your email/ticket the serial number of the device(s), so they can track the device through the supply chain and work out how best to support you.

There are some Peplink Partners that have the authority to sell online from their own hosted company domains; these Peplink Partners should be fully supporting you. Be aware of any online sales through places like eBay and Amazon or other online selling platforms, then you need to contact that platform for your solution support (best of luck in that endeavour). If you are buying second-hand equipment, then the forum (as with most vendors now) is the place to find information and get you to support.

It is fair to say that when you buy a solution that only has a small margin in it for the partner (be that any vendor), they will not be as incentivised to give you hours of support for the solution.

Drawings are reserved for Peplink Partners; your authorised local Peplink Partner can get you a copy of a drawing for the model(s) you have brought; Peplink does this to help protect the designs and efforts of the local Peplink Partners in developing their local markets.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Marcus. Again, thank you for demonstrating that some Peplink Partners care and make the effort. A pity your company’s services are not available to me in Canada. I hear what you say about the Peplink business model and I completely understand. I’m just over three decades into my career and I’ve seen a lot evolve over the years, some for the better but mostly things have got worse. It is not my intention to start a debate or argue any points, I just want to acknowledge the effort you have made and be honest about my experience. The irony is that my business benefits from the shortcomings of modern business models and I make a lot of money out of it (consulting, architecture etc.) As I get older though my conscience is catching up with me and I feel bad for the people and business who ultimately foot the bill. Who knows what tomorrow brings…

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