Mechanical Drawings


Multiple clients have requested both mechanical drawings and CAD files containing the physical measurements of Max devices such as the Mini and the BR1 MK2. The Max products are frequently integrated into other enclosures and having this information is of critical importance. Where can I obtain this information?


Hey Len, I can’t upload a zip file here so I will email it to you. Thanks


This is great to see we can obtain the info. Is there any way we can make this public?


Hey Jon, we will work on getting all of these added to the Partner Pavilion. Thanks


Any idea when this might be available?



This is still being worked on but in the meantime just send an email to supportatpeplinkdotcom and we will get you what you need. Thanks


Tom, I tried to upload the zip of the Mini cad file but it’s not an authorized file format. If you need it send me a real email address. BTW, the cad files are stop’s so you need Autodesk or an equivalent to access them.