When does a device report "High system temperature (500.0 °C / 932.0 °F)"?


In what condition does the Pepwave FW report 500.0C?

We have 3 devices that reported High system temperature (500.0 °C / 932.0 °F).
The remote webadmin console showed the high system temperature on the dashboard constantly (until powercycled), so it was not just one report in the logs.

All devices are PepWave MAX, FW: 7.1.1 build 3775
Their normal operating temperature (after being on for over 24H) is 42.0 °C / 107.6 °F.
They are not enclosed. They did not feel hot to the touch. They were working properly.
A reboot command did not clear the bad status.
A quick power-cycle (as fast as humanly possible to remove the power plug and put it back in) cleared the high temperature.

The only 2 things these device have in common, that our other 15-ish devices don’t have, is that they stay powered on for weeks at a time as opposed to being powered off at the end of every day, and they have been deployed within the last 2 months.


Hello jpa,

Can you please open a ticket with us here and provide the serial number of each unit running into the issue? Please also make sure to enable remote assistance on each of the units.


Happened again.
Filed Ticket #791640
Device in Remote Assistance.


I am also have the same issue with High system temperature. For a while I thought it was actually running hot, but I have made several changes to the way this HD4 is mounted and it hasn’t helped. What else can I do?



File a ticket.
Peplink gave me a firmware to test and it has not failed since with that FW.
The questions Peplink asked us caused us to review how our PepWaves were powered:
the failing ones are subject to power variations below 12V which the working don’t see.