What's the maximum number of characters accepted as the username and password?

Peplink and Pepwave devices can accept usernames with up to 32 characters, and passwords with up to 32 characters. Any ASCII character (including extended ASCII) is accepted.

Username - 32 characters

Password - 32 characters

Please note that the number of bullets “••••” does not reflect the length of the password you just entered. This is a security feature to prevent password exposure in the Web UI.


Thank you for documenting the password restrictions in the knowledgebase.

That said, I would like to note that this is not sufficient documentation for such restrictions. The length restriction should be explicitly called out in the product documentation. In addition, there is a product defect in the firmware which needs to be addressed here: When the user submits a password longer than 32 characters to the router page shown above in order to change the password, the router happily and quietly accepts the password. Unfortunately, it truncates it to the first 32 characters. The result is that the administrator is immediately locked out of the router because the password they believe they have set is different from the one which the router has stored.

The firmware should be updated in the following ways:

  1. It should inform the user of which characters are accepted. (This is not critical, since it allows virtually all characters.)
  2. It should inform the user on the page above about the password length limitations.
  3. If the user submits a password that is too long or too short, it should inform the user that it is rejecting the password and why. (Alternatively, it could truncate the password to 32 characters and inform the user what it has just done.)

The product manual should be updated to include the information found in this knowledgebase article.


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I second this user’s comment – there is a bug in the firmware. If the firmware will accept a maximum password length of 32 characters, then then UI should limit input to 32 characters. I thought I had bricked my router twice, and ultimately guessed that this was the issue. Cost me a lot of time reconfiguring the router after a factory reset.

Please fix this in the next firmware release.


You are correct, a notice of some type should display letting users know about this limit or if you’ve exceeded the 32 character limit. I’ll bring this up to our engineering team right away.



The 32 character password limit will be removed in 7.2.0 firmware

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Hello, since there is no 7.2.0, was this fix incorporated in 8.0? I don’t see it mentioned in the 8.0 release notes.

Yes, it’s included in firmware version 8.0 (128 characters).

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