What is Peplink ID?

What is Peplink ID?

To further simplify our online platform for our partners and users, we will be updating different Peplink Forum to utilize the Peplink ID for logging in.

Why should I use Peplink ID?

Peplink ID allows you to use one account to log in and access different Peplink systems. No longer do you need to remember different accounts and passwords for different systems.

Which systems support Peplink ID?

Currently Peplink ID can be used for eStore, Speedfusion, Speedfusion Cloud, Partner Pavilion, and Forum. Going forwards, most if not all systems will use Peplink ID to login.

Is it mandatory to create a new account if I have been using Google to login?

You may continue using Google to login if you have been using it previously. The Peplink ID is for those who wish to create one account for all our platforms.

I have not received any activation email from the system, what should I do?

You should receive the email within a few minutes, please also check your spam folder.

I cannot complete this process, what should I do?

Please email peplinkid.support@peplink.com for assistance.

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