What Is LAN Bypass?

LAN Bypass is a fault-tolerance feature that protects your essential business communications in the event of power outage. WAN1 and LAN1 ports will be bridged together when the power runs out. When used with Drop-in Mode, such failure would be completely transparent to the network. Therefore, your network connectivity is fully protected.


The Bypass function is a built-in feature available on the following models:

Balance: B305(HW2), B380(HW6), 380X, 580, 580X, 710, 1350, 2500
MediaFast: 500, 750

NOTE: LAN Bypass is only available for Internet traffic from WAN1 to LAN (for Peplink Balance 380 and 1350) or from WAN5 to LAN (for Peplink Balance 580 and 2500). Please connect your DHCP WAN connection to other WAN ports.


In Balance 580 HW3, the LAN Bypass is from WAN1 to LAN3.

What about the 710? Not listed in OP Notes.

LAN Bypass for B710 HW3 : " WAN1 to LAN3"

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