Is Lan Bypass mode selectable?

Is Lan Bypass mode What Is LAN Bypass? user selectable on/off?

I’m curious if the power fails to a peplink with this feature option, what if you don’t want wan1 to bypass the peplink to lan1 if the power fails?

You can’t disable it on the ports it is enabled on as this is a hardware feature.
You can however use a different combination of ports if you don’t want to use it.

And the lan bypass hardware feature is active even if the device is not in drop in mode, is that correct?

Yes. Its a hardware feature.

It’s too bad there isn’t a dip switch or jumper to enable/disable.

I can see where if the peplink is only doing bonding this could be useful in the very rare case of device failure.

But with security in mind, I’m not sure I like behavior changing upon device failure potentially leading to unexpected openings.

What I mean is if the peplink is protecting devices behind it with basic NAT and/or firewall rules, it scares me a bit that a device failure or power outage to the device would potentially suddenly leave the device behind lan1 exposed.

I suppose it would only be really bad if a device was plugged into lan1 and set to dhcp, and wan1 has a public routable IP. Now if the peplink fails, that device is now exposed with a public IP suddenly, maybe a few years after it’s setup and now whatever inbound/outbound rules are setup in the peplink are suddenly wide open…

Anyway, good to know when looking at devices. I was looking at the 305 and in my use case I don’t quite feel comfortable with this, so it takes it down from 3 to 2 lan ports which is 1 short for my use, so maybe not a good fit for my particular use.

Actually, I think there is a 1:1 relationship between the physical WAN1 and LAN3 port used for LAN Bypass.
So if you don’t connect your LAN switch to LAN3 Lan Bypass won’t affect you in any way.