What iOS app to control Surf SOHO WIFI or cell

In June 2016, I purchased Surf SOHO router
293287E8FA09, running 6.2.1
Has a USB port and I was able to configure to use a ATT USB modem.
Router is also able to direct connect to WIFI, but I understand I need to install an app on my iphone
to switch between cellular and WIFI. I want to manually control, as automatic pourover could result in unplanned cell charges.
I only see a single app in the Apple store, looks like router needs to be running 6.3 or higher for app to work.
Suggestions please,

Will you be connected to the same network as the SOHO? If so you can just log into the router manually to make the change.

If you want to do this remotely away from the device you will need an InControl subscription and then download the new iOS InControl App and you can access the SOHO via the Remote Web Admin feature.


My SOHO is intended to reach out to WIFI (at various harbors or marinas). At my selection, I would like to switch so the SOHO connects to 3G/4G coverage if available. The SOHO then provides a local WIFI on my boat.

I have boosters on both the incoming WIFI and cellular signals to the SOHO. If these work as planned, the SOHO will be able to see the signals long before my handheld phone.

So I would like to be able to switch the SOHO directly without my phone having to reachout to the web.

I do not know how to log into the router manually.
I was told that is what I need the app for.
I appreciate your guidance.

How were you able to configure it if you don’t know how to log into it?

Maybe there is something that the technician who installed it did but the boat is now a long way from him.
Can you advise me on what I need to do log in to the router and to be able to switch the signal from cell to WIFI?

Here is the link to the user manual for your reference:

Thanks for the manual.
Can you please confirm that the neither the computer that is used to manually log in to the router to switch between WIFI/Cellular input to the router nor the router have to be connected to the web for this switching to occur.

You are correct, the router does not need to be connected to the web in order to log into it.

Thanks, I think I am good to go.

I am now on the boat.
I can log into Surf SOHO router and prioritize input signal between WAN WIFI and cellular.
Surf SOHO recognizes ATT Beam air card inserted in USB port, correctly pulls the right IMSI number from Beam air card. Beam card first searches for network, finds Rogers network with 2-3 bars, says “ready to connect”, but Pepwave dashboard just reads “trying to connect” for 10-15 mintues with no success.
ATT says it is “air card” incompatible with router. the same aircard does work when installed directly in my laptop at the same location.
Can you please help with configuration settings for the Pepwave?

You have a duplicate post here. I have responded there.