Best configuration for ATT USB Beam air card in Surf SOHO for Rogers Network in Canada

My ATT Beam USB modem works here in Sidney BC in my laptop.
When I insert the same modem into my USB port on Surf SOHO router, my Pepwave Dashboard Details shows the correct IMSI number for the Beam modem, so router is seeing modem to some degree.
When powered up by router, USB modem LCD says “searching for network”, then eventually shows Rogers 4G network at 2-3 bars “ready to connect”.
When Pepwave signal is prioritize to USB modem, Pepwave then shows “trying to connect” for up to several hours with no successful connection.
Since same modem works in my laptop, seems like a configuration issue with the router, but I don’t know what changes to make.
Your suggestions on configuration changes so the router and modem work together would be appreciated.

Please upgrade to the latest firmware to confirm this will help.