WebUI won't respond, router keeps working

I have been using a Balance 20 for about a month. It is running firmware 8.1.1. Every week or two it gets into a state where the WebUI will not respond, even though the router is still routing traffic. So far restarting the router is the only way to get the web UI working again.

Is there anyway to restart the web UI from a REST call? I’d prefer not to restart the router if I don’t have to.



I don’t think there is.

Is the web ui available using remote web admin via InControl?

I don’t have InControl configured, so I don’t know whether that would work. (Not that it would help much is in this case - I’m using the Balance 20 for dual wan for my home in a rural location - there’s no alternate way to get online short of a 20 minute drive to get to an area with cell phone coverage.)

I may try it out anyway since I’m curious.

@eben, please try this firmware to confirm it helps.

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