Introducing Firmware 8.1.1!

Just did that.


Thank you and we will investigate on that.

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Where’s the fusionhub release?

Still on one of the RCs (I think RC3), download page still has 8.1.0

I’ve been running 8.1.1s017 build 4987 on my old Balance 20 (HW3) for almost a week and it’s been fairly solid. Had WAN1 fail and it switched to WAN2 with no problems. It is also running two Speedfusion Cloud connections, one PepVPN and controlling four APs. Still testing, but it’s much more stable than the stock 8.1.1 firmware.

It’s nice to see a company that believes in supporting their old hardware.


Same problems here. Very interested in seeing this resolved. I’m using all three WAN ports and the cellular on the balance 20. I can’t get 8.1.1 to work for more than 5 min and it locks up. I’ve reverted back to 8.1.0 until there is a fix.

@ekonikoff, you may try It is based on 8.1.1s017 with more enhancement.

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Build 4990 seems to be working. Thank you.

Spoke too soon. I’m noticing the mobile internet reflects no device detected in spite of the mobile device showing a USB tethered connection. I’ve done this with multiple devices and it worked with 8.1.0. Anyone else experiencing this?

Has anyone experienced a strange reload of an old config on the device after upgrade to 8.1.1 ?

I’m not sure if it loads somehow an old file or if it loads the config of the second firmware slot but I’m pretty I had several cases where, after upgrade, config isn’t the same anymore…

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The DSCP outbound policy feature seems to only be available when created on the device. Is there a plan to add this to IC2 (or am I missing how to do this?) like the Destination SaaS outbound policies?

I am checking on this.


There are a few items on the firmware and IC2 side needed to make this available from IC2, so I think you can expect to see something around mid year, at least in beta.

I’m curious how/why you want to use this?

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Thanks for the info! I’m trying to do what I can to make sure VOIP audio and video go through our SF tunnel without having to set up too many rules. I have the IC2 Destination SaaS outbound policies in place for Zoom and MS 365, but was hoping I could add the relevant DSCP values also. Looks like since I used the IC2 policy for the SaaS option, I can’t do add any policies on the Balance itself.

Do you have specific services or providers you are trying to target, or is it just audio/video collaboration across the board?

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Nothing in particular, no, just a catch-all attempt.

We are currently running a production deployment of Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 on firmware 8.1.0s027 build 4947.

Are there similar issues with Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 or alternatively are there known issues with upgrading the firmware on Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3?

As we have currently have a single device supporting multiple users, downtime isn’t really an option.

Yes. It is an unresolved issue. Build 4990 shows a slight improvement and it is a step in the right direction, but still far from usable. I have spent a lot of time with support on this. Basically the moment I connect a USB cellular device and USB WAN is “up”, CPU load goes to 100%, the web management interface becomes unavailable, data on IC2 stops refreshing, and DNS proxy and DHCP stop working.

I’m having issues with the ddns update with this release. I’m using dnsomatic for each of my wan’s. When “update all hosts” is deselected and the hostname box filled, the changes won’t apply with it simply reverting back to updating all hosts. I’m getting this on both HD2 Mini and Balance 20x routers

@nathanroest, thanks for reporting this. This is a web UI bug and I have filed it. You may stay with the current firmware for the time being.


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How can we activate/use Air Monitor?


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