Watchdog Support

What specifically does the “Watchdog Support” state toggle (at /support.cgi) do? I.e., what processes does the watchdog monitor, and what happens under what circumstances?
(Peplink Balance family)

Please refer to the explanation given for the forum thread below regarding to the Watchdog feature:

I read that thread - and it was not completely clear.

Given that I know what a watchdog process is in general, for the Balance 30 and Balance 30 LTE, enabling the watchdog toggle presumably starts a watchdog process of something

From your response it sounds like that process watches the cellular connection, and resets the cellular module if the cellular connection is down for more than 180 seconds.

Is that correct? If so, what is the effect of the toggle on a Balance 30 (no cellular module)? And how is the connection testing performed - is it the basic test of whether the cellular module is in communication with a tower, or does it involve a higher-level health check?

Thanks for you assistance.

The watchdog feature is meant for use by the support team during troubleshooting only. It is not designed for regular customer use and thus its behavior is subject to change. This is the reason why it resides under the special URL.

If you are having a product issue, please create a ticket instead. Thanks.

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Ticket has been submitted about the Balance 30 LTE not restarting properly after power outages.