Cellular module watchdog process

Can we have more info about the watchdog please? What does it do exactly?
My understanding is that it watches for idle state of some sort relating to each Cellular interface. What is being observed for idle state?
What specifically is the dog watching :)?
Is it triggered by healthcheck failure?
Is it triggered by transit traffic failure?
What are the thresholds (what min traffic and what duration?)
Or anything else that describes what triggers the reset.

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Please refer to the URL below for the watchdog process:

Basically for Cellular module we don’t call it watchdog. We have our propriety mechanism to monitor the cellular module connection status. If the module is not connected for more than 180 seconds, the module will be reset for re-connections.

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Thank you Sitloongs for the direction.

I think the driver for my inquiry is a behavior where I have experienced in the field. Prior to the unit shipping out, the BR1 was able to connect to both SIM cards (Verizon and Sprint) and ping out accordingly. However, once installed in the field (different location), the Cellular module gets stuck in “Obtaining IP Address”. I contacted Tech support and they advised to reset the modem (by clicking the ?)

Can I have the ticket number for me to take closer look at your case?

Unfortunately, I do not have a ticket number; it was a phone conversation that I reached out to Tech Support.


Can you please open a support ticket here for the team to further check ? Please make sure remote assistance is enable for the device and support team will further check on the device to make sure the device is operate as expected.

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The unit is not connected back up yet since my teammate hasn’t been on site. Additionally, it won’t be accessible remotely until we resolved this issue (no connectivity to the internet). I will submit a ticket once it comes back online.


I have created an issue ticket and Jason is working to resolve the issue; the unit is temporarily connected through the local network (connectivity will be severed over time) and the remote assistance is also enabled. Thank you.


Thank you for the update. We will follow-up with you using support ticket.

Thank you